Uniquest-2018 : A Two Days National Level College Event

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Activity Details:


Team size: 2 Member (Favour + Against)

Time Limit: Maximum 5 Minutes

Topic: Brain Drain Vs Reverse Brain Drain

2.Face Painting

Team size: 2 Member

Time Limit: 45 min.

Theme: Digital India

Participant needs to bring colors and other required material by their own.

3.Budding Manager

Individual Participant

Various Rounds will be conducted on the spot.

4.Business Quiz

Team Size: 4 Members

Areas of Quiz includes: Business Updates, Famous Corporate Personalities, Log or tag lines and Brands.

5.Ad Zap

Team Size: 4 Members

Time Limit for presentation: 5 Minutes

Product/Service will be given on the spot.


Management games

Individual Participation

Maximum 5 entries from one institute / college.

Detailed Rules of Management Games will be declared on the spot.


Treasure Hunt

Maximum Team size = 5

Maximum 2 teams from one institute / college.

Detailed Rules will be declared on the spot.

8.Song (Solo)

Time Limit: 3 Minutes

9.Song (Group)

Team Size: 5 Members

Time Limit: 3 Minutes

10.Dance (Solo) Time Limit: 3 Minutes
11.Dance (Group)

Team size: 5-6 Members

Time Limit: 3 Minutes

12.Ramp Walk

Team Size : 6-8 Members

· There should be 6-8 participants per team inclusive of supporting members.

· Themes for Ramp Walk

· Fashion in 2050/Green Revolution/Fantasy and Fiction/Retro Look

· Time limit for the ramp walk is 8-12 minutes (inclusive of stage setup).All teams should present their introduction before starting .Points will be deducted for exceeding the limits.

· One person per team must be there to manage sound track and one for the lights.

· No props and costumes will be provided by us. Teams have to bring their own costumes and props.

· Use of materials like candles, matches, cigrattes, alcohol and any hazardous materials on stage is prohibited….Teams are required to contact organizers before using such stuffs.

· Two copies of soundtrack to be submitted in advance in standard audio format- .wav or.mp3 of sound quality 192kbps or above to the organizers(in C.Ds only, no laptops).

· Vulgarity of any kind would lead to disqualification of the team from the event. Hence, if the team feels that any stunt of costume design can be deemed as vulgar, it is strongly advised to consult organizers before performing it directly on stage.

Important Notice

·         Entries would be on first come basis. Regulations are same as attached with invitation.

·         Registration Rs. 150/- per candidate per activity and Rs. 500 for all activities.

·         Special discount for group registration: Rs. 3000 for 10 members for all activities.

·         Hospitality in the form of complimentary food would be extended to all participating teams.

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